I'm not sure what's going on with the posts, Nancy. Must be some weird thing with the server and how the forums are set up.

And it's not that I don't like to interpret your dreams or anything but you have so many very detailed dreams that it's hard to do a line by line interp! But I do enjoy reading them quite a lot.

Overall, most of your dreams still reflect some conflict with your parents. All the images may be different but they reflect some aspect of yourself as well as your parents. It's clear that you're harboring some pent-up frustrations towards them and they you.

Are your parents (or one of them) trying to get you to "work" (work out) more? Their attempts are very mixed up.

In the enchanted Disney dream, it seems that there is someone in your life who is trying to "kill" the little girl aspect of you. Maybe she wants you to grow up or take adult steps you're not ready to take. The evil woman is trying to get the girls to take another school bus which indicates that someone wants you/they to do something differently, take a different path in life.

Your astronaut dream is interesting, too. Do you feel like this lonely, drifting astronaut who is exploring the vast universe (or does going out into the world feel like it is a large, expansive space?) Does doing so feel risky or dangerous or intimidating? In any case, you seem to have a safety rope holding onto you as you venture forth. It might be your Internet connection through which you listen to music or even more...

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