I remember one dream.

Me and my parents were living in a big house in a small city near the water. One day during the day I heard knocking outside a door so I opened it and it was a Duck that looked injured, I took pity on him or her but I am not a veterinarian and while hoping I was wrong that he or she was not injured I closed the door and again the Duck knocked on the door. I was impressed that he/she was doing that so I opened the door and he/she was not a Duck anymore he/she was a Gull and he/she was really dirty so I wanted to take him/her in and I did. The Gull ended up on my head and I was trying to get my parents to agree to take him/her in at least until he/she was recovered and during that time the Gull became a Squirrel. They finally agreed not happy about it and I gave the Squirrel a bath then dad asked what Squirrels ate and said that we should go buy him/her food more fit for a Squirrel and we did and he/she followed us (dont remember if he/she came in the store or not). He bought something that is for Birds but the Squirrel ended up loving it. That Squirrel was acting more like a Dog than a Squirrel.