I remember one dream.

A friend came to visit and she brought a friend. She (the friend that was not my friend) had two teddy bears with her, her favorite was in her coat. I told her that she could put her favorite aside so that nothing could happen to it and she agreed. She was kind of annoying but there was something about her that I liked so when it was time for both to go I gave her my number and other contacts. They ere both talking to us before going and they were also close to where the favorite teddy bear was, she had all her things except that teddy bear but she was not realising it. I thought about it and then decided to let her leave without it, someone else too was seeing it and I told that person that if she really loved it she would realise se is forgetting it. I mentioned it to her in a letter and this is when she realised that she had forgotten her favorite teddy bear. I told her that I would ship it to her but that teddy bear had become a member of my family so I did not really want to do that.