Hey Lori-

Think I have these figured out, but thought I'd run them by you.

For the past two weeks, on Wednesday night, the night before my husband returns home, I have these vivid dreams.

Last week I dreamt that I had a Tiger, a Lion, a Crocodile, a Robot (taller than me), and a monkey. My entire family was home (there are 5 of us). My husband disappeared (to who knows where; I assume work), leaving us to manage the animals (that I think I had asked him not to bring into the house - prior to the dream). The Tiger, that I had been focusing my attention on, also disappeared suddenly. With the absence of the Tiger, the other animals came forward; sort of out of hiding. I quickly realized the Lion was irritated and hungry. I stroked his mane and tried to make him feel appreciated. He was able to speak and in so many words he told me that I had been neglecting he & the other animals since the Tiger arrived. He also let me know that he "could" eat me, but he was trying to be considerate. Using some level of intelligence I got him into the bathroom and locked him in. The robot went into the kitchen, tore open a bag of crackers and devoured them. For that, I felt relieved as I realized they were all starving. The crocodile was moving slow and methodical, but could not see me. I grabbed my children and left the house quickly.

This week, I dreamt that I had another child. It was a baby. Somehow, while it had the same loving dad as my other children, it had a 3rd grandmother. My husband's mother gave the baby to the 3rd mother to raise without my permission. One day, the baby was home with us and she told me she wanted me to tuck her in and kiss her. I realized immediately that I had only been doing this for the other three of my children (my real life 3 girls). I then realized that I had done nothing for this child. How could I have forgotten her? And right now, as I am about to put my 3 girls (that have been homeschooled since birth) in school (in my dream and in real life), how could I take on this baby, but how could I continue to ignore and not nurture her. I wanted to talk to my husband about it so I went looking for him. Our home was in a building that also had lots of stores, restaurants, and corporate businesses. My husband was rumored to be in a restaurant. I went there, saw a friend of his, but not him & I woke up.

Whew! That was a lot. I know they are connected. What do you think?

Yvonnie DuBose