I remember one dream.

A woman was on a talk show and asked another woman how she made her hair so shiny, she said to put them in water with ice in it. The woman was shocked and she was told that is really it. So she tried it and it works, she showed off her shiny hair on another television show (that woman kept changing appearance - her face i mean - not because she was having plastic surgery it was just the way my dream was). Then she decided to change her hair color, she made a video saying that the bleach of her blond had disappeared so it was time for a new color, she wanted green but since her shade of green was not available she went with pink (i could hear applause from her fans eventhough she was alone) but then she said with pink hair that she had changed her mind (by then it was at least 4 different faces and bodies she had but it was still the same person everytime) and she was still going with green and her fans that were not even there booed. Then she was applying green and the door knocked and she answered angry. That's all I remember.