I remember two dreams.

The first I was engaged to a man (it looks like we were in the middle ages...we definitaly were in a castle) and another woman possesed my body and my spirit was in hers but I was in a coma (i was in a bed in that same place). I tried to tell my fiance but he actually realised what was going on by himself. The parents of my fiance was in there too but they did not see anything new with me. My fiance was acting normal around me which was her and at the same time working to help me get back in my body. I don't know if I woke up before the end or I just do not remember how it all ended.

The second I was now rich and bought three or four things in a Gucci store for close to 1,000$ (i think it was in the 800 $ range). It was a Baseball hat (i remember thinking while dreaming that it was stupid that Gucci will sell these), a pair of sunglasses with the case (i remember seeing these same sunglasses in a Vogue magazine more than 10 years ago) and in another bag there was a lotion (face i think) at least (i really think there was something else..if so i think it was cosmetic too). Then I got out of the store (it was in California i think) and I was supposed to meet Britney Spears and for some reason I thought that using the bus would take less time but when the bus came I ended up in my old town and it was during the busy hours when people are coming back home from work. I was sitting in the front on the seat nearest to the driver next to the door and I was ashamed of what I had bought (because it cost too much for so little and ir was in 2 bags so more pollution) so I kept my left hand on the bags so that noone could see what was inside. Then I saw that someone was reading an interview with Julia Roberts and after I started reading it to pass the time that written interview became alive and it was like I was watching it on television, she was saying that it was disgusting to spend so much money then said that Taylor Swift (im no fan of her by the way) just bout lots of clothes for just 28$. The rest I cannot recall (im almost 100% that that dream continued at least a little).