Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a very bad night. I remember four dreams (remembered 5 before getting up....the fourth came back to me a short time after getting up).

My parents left for a small vacation. Just a little after they left I closed the curtains (when i did that at first i left a small space open and instead of seeing the outside i was seeing an hockey game) and had myself a nice time all by myself.

I met Patrick Roy and a short time later we had sex (looked like his office at his team's arena). He woke up before me and I knew he would leave but I stayed in bed. He came to see me before leaving and gave me one last kiss.

A neighbor asked me if I wanted to go shop to a bigger city. I said yes. Arrived there she asked me before leaving if I wanted to go to my favorite drugstore and I said yes. In the store (her dog came with us and for that store he came inside...noone said it was not allright) I started to feel bad because I did not have the money to buy anything and I felt like she had lost her time bringing me there so I was acting like I was searching for something specific and then I was talking to the woman in charge of the beauty section, I asked her a specific question about a product I thought did not exist but it did exist and she showed me that there were two brands of that product. I continued acting like I was interested and she tried one on me.

I had to gte up early to take public transportation at 7:00 for an 9:00 appointment. I was supposed to take more than one bus but when I got out of the first I decided to walk. I ended up in a forest. There were lots of trees that were either gone or cut down and still there or parts were still there (1 was HUGE...only the base remained). There were many big machines left there and I started freaking out about that and walking faster so that I would be out of there before the men working there arrived. They did arrived before I was able to leave. I took out my cell phone and made believe that I was in the middle of a conversation (i was making all kinds of hands and arms gestures). When I was about to enter back the city a big truck arrived fast and in a muddy water puddle and that water hit me. I was angry because I was dressed in nice clothes but I continued talking like everything was okay.