I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that Roger Federer was in it.

A man was being shown a recipe by someone else. It was a raclette recipe but in a frying pan. He said I'm sorry but we have to use alcohol to the man who he knew did not like alcohol. He put four time a little of red wine in different places in the frying pan then put four pieces of cheese while moving around the wine. Then he put some type of meat that looked a lot like bacon, it was supposed to be cooked both ways in the wine and have the cheese right in the middle but one piece of the meat had rolled into itself and one part was not cooked on one side but that's the piece who tasted the best. Then a man went in a mission to stop a terrorist and he was able to come back with something that was part of a bomb but the terrorist followed and took the piece back and set it on himself. Something was taken back eventhough they thought (by that time 2 people were working on that) they could not because it was full of gas (that bomb was still on the terrorist - it was a few pieces put on a big belt of multiple compartments) but they ended up behind a closed door and the time was ticking. The time was said aloud with them and I think other people thinking they had a chance but one of the person of the first two said with just a few seconds left we are done and almost immediately the door opened and at least the first two person started running and almost immediately the bomb exploded but I (or the other people - i do not think that i myself was somewhere in that dream) knew that they had made it.