I only remember parts of my last dream.

I went to Las Vegas to people who specialised in finding old grounds (burial, temples, everything) and I asked them if someone would come to them and say that they knew where something old and important was how much would be their cut and a man told me that it would be half so I said okay I will show you. So I brought them somewhere, we went through something (cant remember if it was a door or a cave or something else) and we ended up in mountains that had snow, there were cows there too and they got scared of us when they saw us and ran away. Then I was able to find what we were looking for. There were little statues, rocks and other old things and eventhough they looked like they could be voodoo or worst it somehow gave me a good vibe. There were a very old fire pit close and for some reason it looked like the fire was dying out now and for some reason I knew what to do, I took one of the statue and threw it on the fire and the fire came alive. Don't remember what happened next but the last thing I do remember what Christian Bale was there with his son (well in the dream) and Jack Black asked them to pose with big guns (i think they had it with them before they were asked to pose for pictures) and they did, while taking pictures Jack Black asked them to make believe like thye were firing their guns and the kid did while Christian Bale did not liked that, the kid's gun fired after a while and he killed Jack Black.