I remember three dreams.

It was a man in a cooking show. When at the last part of it he was so sure that he was the winner that he just did the least he could do which was an orange ice cream and an orange (something else that i cant remember), he was cutting the pieces of oranges in tiny pieces for the last part of his dessert when he remembered the ice cream so he took the remaining intact pieces to make it, there were not a lot but it was a beautiful ice cream. When the judges tasted it they all loved his ice cream, how the texture was beautiful and how it tasted excellent but they were not too crazy about the rest of that dish. The man was scared that he just screwed himself out of the win.

A thief had entered a house where a family was living, he/they did it when everyone were sleeping. When the cops realised the man was a soldier and the dog was in the army with him they asked him how come you did not see that coming which insulted the man. He remainded them that first this was not a war he was simply in his own house with his family and that yes at first all he was doing was to guard his family and house but slowly he realised that that would not be a normal life for his entire family. Then him and his dog were grocery shopping, the dog was sometimes himself looking at the food. The man showed him a piece of meat and told him that the bone would be for him and the meat for everyone else. Then they came back home where he cooked and then they ate.

I or another woman (that woman looked different than me but sometimes im there and dont look like me) was in a partly but at one point something was telling her that something bad was happening, she took off her shoes and went in an hallway that nobody was in then (after maybe a stairs) she entered a dark room where a man was close to disappearing due to something on the ceiling. She hurried to his side and made sure he stayed there but that thing would remain close until the job would be done so they started trying a way out of that (the first was to throw things at that thing).