I remember three dreams.

A man was declared brain dead but a man from his family refused to have him taken out of the machines that were keeping his body alive. The medical team, family and friends tried in all the ways they could to make him understand that there was no way that he could come back from it but he would not understand. Until the day that the doctors agreed to let him plugged him he was acting like he cared and that his heart was broken but from that moment he started to act happy and soon said well I gotta go with a smile and left with the others knowing that he would never return and that poor man in the hospital would have to remain there for years.

I met Leonardo DiCaprio and for some reason I was good at not showing that I was excited. With someone else we started to watch television and we both became close quite fast. For some reason there was something blocking the television and this is where the sofa was but we still watched from there and we could see everything eventhough that thing was not transparent. We were talking about the show we were watching where we both were very into and by the end we were cuddling.

A group of people were in what seemed to be near a hotel pool and another was inside the hotel or what seemed to be an hotel. A woman that was very sad because she had lost her three sisters went outside to go somewhere when she saw that people were freaking out because a woman had fell in the pool and had drown, some people were trying to bring her back but the woman knew just by looking at her face that she was gone. Another woman told that to the person who was close to the victim and when she walked back near the pool again she said to the woman that she was sorry and that woman became enraged and thought that it meant that she was responsible. The woman was completely shocked and said almost screaming (until then she would only speak in a soft voice) what is wrong with you I told you that I am sorry for your lost and you think that means I kill her.