I had three dreams which I barely remember and I suspect it's because it was the same dream but different every time (it was like the movie Commando).

In the first it was an home invasion. Nicole Kidman was in it again, she was all dressed in black and waiting for Arnold when he went in a special room above the attick to get some guns to defend himself and his daughter. Arnold was angry because she was the one who was behind it all. He was able to get outside to see his daughter get kidnapped, she was along with one or more dogs in a trailer and one or two old woman were driving. He was more concerned for the dog or dogs than his daughter. The woman or women driving were part of his family so he was betrayed once more.

In the second all I remember was that it had to do with the movie and Arnold again but it was different.

In the third it was me and a man trying to get to Arnold and his daughter. They were held somehwere and we were trying to find a way to break in and get them. We ended up stealing a car and going in a DMV with papers that made it seem like we just bought the car and we wanted to make it legal and it worked. Then we started to drive to Canada because this is where they were.