Wow that was hard to come here and answer you; Bella Online has weird technical problems right now!

I would love to have more money. Right now I have enough to move on my own but it could go fast while trying to find a job and there's the possibility I would end up with no money aside and still no job. With more money there would be more breathing room for me. But still that would be much better than my living situation here. I hope that chance to make money will come for real and that I am not too stupid to let it pass me by.

I used to think that I had a nice childhood even if it was filled with stress but the more I have thought about it the past years I realised that it was just an illusion I had. Sure there are some good memories but they are tainted with the rest. Just like I was able to see things my parents were doing were cruel things and things that have done nothing but crippled me. So with these reflections I realised that my childhood and life is worst than I thought.

I wish you luck with your tests and I hope they will find nothing bad!

Thanks a lot,

Nancy xoxoxoxoxoxo