I had another weird dream last night (at least i did not spend many hours trying to get to sleep)! I went to the hospital because I was told to go there for blood tests every two weeks then everyone there was looking at me like I was crazy and lying until I got the doctor who saw me the last time I went there for real then I ended up in her office and after a full examination I ended up in a neighbor's house where I went walking with her Golden Retriever and one of her horse (she does not have 1 in reality but in the dream she had a baby and an adult) and when we came back the yard and house became like my old house and huge winds appeared out of nowhere, I was trying to get to the house with Toby (thats the dogs name) and the baby horse plus I could see my mom was too outside trying to get the clothes (theres only 2 houses between ours in reality) and I had remorse for the adult horse being left behind. I woke up when we three were close to the door (which was the back door of my old house...where my mom was too was my old house), I never did see my mom but I knew she was outside trying to get the clothes.