This is 3 or 4 days old, but here goes:

Dream one- I dreamt of my Ex-Lover/Boyfriend. We were both well and functioning in the manner that very young children parallel play. So, no direct interaction, just him doing his thing well and me doing mine. Aware of each other and a feeling that we would meet up further into the dream or down the line in life, but I woke up.

Dream Two- I am taking a cruise in May, in real life. In my dream, my group (my husband's family) was on the ship and ready to go, but I realized that I was without a wrap or jacket or anything of that sort. Since (as only a dream would have it), the ship was sailing away from a dock right by my home, I decided (even though there was only 5-15 minutes before we cruised) to run into my home to get a wrap. Of course, my home became some seaside community with many docks and piers and stores or something. Once inside, I almost forgot why I was there. Then, I heard the whistle that indicates that the ship is setting sail. By the time I realized what I was hearing it was the third and final whistle. I stepped out and saw no ship. At first, I was going to let it go on without me. Then, I remembered my children and felt this burst of energy from some unknown source and began running to catch the ship. After running through a few stores, gangways, and across a couple of front porches, I saw the ship and they saw me (waving). They smiled, reached out to me, and took my hand, bringing me aboard my cruise ship.

Dream three- I was running through an airy, old, magnificently tall and large home. There were lots of open windows with flowing curtains. My children were there and I was playing something with my 3 year old, much like we have been hanging out today. It was almost as if I could fly or skateboard or something extremely magical/crafty like. Then she decided to run down a flight of stairs. Before I could protest, she fell through an opening, where the railings were missing, from a very high distance, hitting her mouth and bouncing to another spot. I woke up immediately.

What does it all mean to you Lori?

Yvonnie DuBose