I remember one dream.

Me and someone else got away from a man. He was rich and had many people who he knew and also who worked for him plus his property was huge. We got on two Horses and were able to get out without being seen. We were also able to go far but we were still on his property and ended up where there were slaves that were his property and other people too which mostly were working for him. A slave spotted us and we signed to him to please not say anything and we saw him go to two other slaves and they all went to him. We got on another Horse and soon after I was alone on that Horse. I soon decided to instead of following the dirt road to go straight in the forest. The slaves did not point to us but they did say they saw us unless that man found out another way. At the beginning it was hard to go thought that forest but soon we found a small path and then it became a big path and me and the Horse ended up in a real dirt road where cars would drive. I knew we were going too slow but I did not want to tire the Horse and mostly not injure him. Soon after we were in the dirt road I could hear people working and I knew they knew the man so I decided to go on foot and hide in the tall grass, at first I tried to do that right by the road knowing they would not think of looking there but I saw the men working and one was in a tractor that was right where I was so I would of been crushed so I got up fast and went pass a small fence and electric post and went hiding in the forest where tall grass was very close to the street.