I've gone back and forth on these 2 dreams as to where to post them.

I think one I'll post here, the other seems particularly important for educational Teachers? There were terms but also a symbol (one I actually recognized) and quite clever. Guess our "guides" have a sense of humor. You'd almost have to, lol.

So this other dream:

I was in a room, LARGE shaped like an upside down pyramid. The ground was circular and there were seats all around. It or the sense was a place where decisions are made or hearings (sp) legal issues, gv., etc. But this had a twist AND yet another bit of humor.

I'm above in this dream, looking down. There's a Speaker, a podium w/a microphone and an older man was calling to order.

There were politics in this BUT - STOCK/DIVIDENDS/PAYMENTS, etc.; who gets what going on behind whatever this "hearing" in the public's eye (news-wise) for.

There were 2 issues. Control and money (how could there be anything other...). Anyway, the hold up was this.

The essence of the Co. was being divided up. It had to do w/communications. It had many levels to it (communication) and big-wigs wanted what they deemed, their "fair-share." It had nothing to do w/the welfare of the people.

So, this is what the dream said or what I heard in the dream and then the humor part...which was cute, actually.

"Gunmen" (this wasn't meant literally, gun-men. It felt more like the political parties, sub-parties, and executives fighting over both control & money. But the word used was "Company.") will come for all-sides over this company, with both being of great importance..."

This is the creative part, lol:

After those words. I wrote them down, scribbled rather, but the very end of the dream they showed a screen that took up the entire room, like a Power-Point presentation.

It was a photograph or picture of a man, at least THEY named, "Gramm Bell?"

So I'll have to look up and see if that's an actual person or the name of a co. But I felt like I was back in the investment days sick

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