I remember two dreams.

I was on a cooking contest. The host of Chopped Canada was that host, it was kind of that show but different. There were six rounds total and the contestant (cannot remember how many there was) that won the most rounds won that contest (cannot remember the price). Four rounds were done, we were able to relax in between each rounds, I decided to do some internet, at one point I realised it had started, I went back there and almost twenty minutes out of the sixty were gone. I acted like it was no big deal because what I was doing was important and that I could come out of this. I asked what we had to cook for that round and I was told something I do not know (each rounds everyone had to cook the same thing in 60 min) but I acted like I knew and it was no big deal. Got a few food items and started cooking a little bit then was able to sneak in behind the set to check on the internet what it was. I was able to cook it (different from what it showed on the internet) in time and I won that round (before that it was tied). For the last round we had to bake a cake, any cake we wanted. I wanted at first to do a simple white cake but then I went with a cake that would have a caramel coulis.

I went to the bathroom and it stunk, I checked the toilet and saw a "number 2" was there and realised a bunch of it was there and was not flushed. I was disgusted. That's all I remember (i think someone else was behind me in that bathroom and that MAYBE it was our first day in a new home or we were visiting it).