It was interesting, but actually about 5 days ago. I thought nothing of it but I can't forget it for some reason. I think about it all the time.

I was in a hotel room with my daughter-in-law. My son breezed through and into the bathroom, closing the door. I was laying on the bed with my daughter-in-law, talking.

I don't know where my granddaughters were. I noticed they weren't there, but I wasn't concerned. It's like I knew they were alright wherever they were.

I received a phone call from an unknown number that had no identifying name. I answered my cell. The man on the other end accused me of doing things that at another hotel just hours before. I asked him where the call was coming from. He said Massachusetts. I explained to him that I was in Kansas and had never been to Massachusetts before (I haven't in real life either). The call ended.

I explained to my daughter-in-law that the type of call I just received had happened two other times over the last week. That I'd received calls from phone numbers that had phone numbers but didn't display the business name all of them accusing me of doing things I hadn't done and were also places I'd never been in my dream or in real life. Neither of us knew what to make of it. I still don't. smile