The dream I had was a wierd one.'s me we're talking about so nothing's out of the ordinary, lol.

I was at a wedding and it was an outdoor/indoor wedding, so half-n-half.

The seats were arranged on a lawn and they were by countries. Everyone had their chin up, dressed to the hilt, but none of them were what they pretended to be. They came in rows of arrogance, one right after another and I was an usher or something, directing - humble role.

Like I was the hired help, no eye contact, but each person that passed me, went through my Soul and they not only weren't telling the truth, acting in truth but were treating those beneath them, poorly.

I woke up kind of depressed and wondered what people who actually do work for people like this feel? Don't they ever just want to walk away? Can they? The slight of hand is what I remembered the most.

They always had an answer for anything, anytime, anywhere... confused

I should add, the ones that came were representatives or owners of some type of land or place.

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