Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a good night. Remember two dreams (the first came back to me after getting up..no way i would of forgot the second!!!!!!!!).

I went to visit a friend of mine (the same as the first dream of yesterday). I went to her place of her work (with her i think OR i went to see her there.....forgot lots of that dream) which was a store that sold products for the home. I was impressed with that store and soon later I ended up with a job. Not too long after getting that job I helped a woman, she wanted to re-docorate all her bathroom (i think it was also newly renovated) and I suggested red, a red between Elmo and Ferrari red and a red that was more dark. She liked it and she bought many things. I did noty know if there we were paid by commissions or a weekly paycheck but even if it was by checks I told myself that I had made quite an impression on my first day there.

I ended up somehow in Shumi's hospital room. I was of course overwhelmed because he was in a coma and also because I was meeting my hero. His wife came to comfort me. He woke up and tried to sit up, he looked disorriented and the nurses and doctors were trying to make him lay down but he kept on sitting up. I was freaking out. They realised after a few tests that he was completely recovered. He got up, put on a pajama and a bathrobe then started to eat an apple and walking around while talking to everyone like everything was normal. I was by myself freaking out. He came to see me (that made me freak out more) and he thanked me for talking to him before he had woken up, that that helped him a lot to come back. He started talking about what I had told him and with everything he would say something about it. When he made a mistake (what he said i had said but he thought it was about me but it was about my brother) I corrected him (with shame) but he said it was okay. He then went to see other people and after I while I decided to leave (i was still freaking out). His wife came to see me (at that point i for some reason was in pj and a with a robe too......when he was talking to me my pant fell to my knees [i had also suddendly body lotion on that felt very greasy] and he made sure to not make me feel embarrassed about that) while I was getting my clothes (the first thing that i picked up was clothes then the second was plates that was supposed to be the rest of my clothes......his wife was talking to me and when i took the plates it made an awful noise because it was touching the wall when i was getting them..i made a face and his wife said it was ok). Suddendly the hospital became my old house. His hospital room was my brother's room and I ended up in my room to change before leaving. I tried closing the door but it would not close competely, I was looking around while still freaking out for a place to change where noone could look. I found one (while i was looking i saw that the place to go out was by the window or through the window). There were lots of people in the house and outside too.