I remember one dream.

I went to a psychic and I ended up asking a question about Michael Schumacher, her response was positive that he would become himself again so I went to see others and all were positives too. I was making sure to not even mention that the questions were about Shumi so that they would not be persuaded by his fame. The last one I was with his wife, the question was is the 25% true (a doctor had said that 1 - do not recall if it was his chance to make it back or the chance he had to not make it back - i think its the last because when she said yes we were both happy - we were crying of hope for him - his wife at first tried to ignore the psychic). Then he was back, he looked frail but he was at a normal weight, the only difference from before his accident was that he was paler and had some kind of zits or age spots on his face but not a lot. A woman sighed oh no when she saw him, she was behind me and I was shocked to see him and angry at her because he looked normal especially coming from what happened to him. I approached him and he started crying (he was sitting at a table talking to people) because he had lost so much time. I tried to console him and it slowly worked. He got up and I immediately went to help him and then I apologised and he was not angry at me. Then we were under attacked (the whole planet i think) and he wanted to join the fight (everyone else seemed to be fighting) but I almost screamed no if you are hit on the head it could be disastrous. He finally listened to me and I made a plan with him to come and find him in his hiding place. Some people turned into pens and things like that to disguise themselves (had the impression they turned back into what they really were) and I ended up very far from Shumi but I finally made it to him where he was hiding.