I hated this dream, and I don't know for people who follow their dreams, there's a difference, you know?

Like the garbage nonsensical dreams, the ones that wake you and kind of have a hard time going back to sleep after those, well that's what I had.

There was a bomb a huge one you could hear, before people on the outskirts of the area could see it...kind of like you hear fire-works, but don't know where they come from so you keep looking around.

Anyway, the dream...one bomb (huge one) followed by 4-5 smaller explosions and they hit something having to do w/agriculture.

In the dream these people came to my house and said by Gv/law, they had the right to my property and I'm like "O.K...can I help?"

They had all of this farming equiptment and they wanted to bulldoze my land for crops (I guess) there was corn, pod-sweet-peas, etc, they were dropping. It was all organized.

I waited while they did what they needed for the community but asked one of the (they weren't soldiers, but something like a college or mall police person there to supervise...younger, I guess)

But asked can I eat some of the vegetables that are grown or make food for the family. They opened my fridge and another guy actually asked someone to do that and the guy that asked him to do that said,

"How's their fridge looking?"

The other guy (the responder) said, "They look supplied." something like that, like the fridge wasnt' bare.

So the head-guy said, "NO" I couldn't eat from the crops and they had a way or machine to estimate just how much corn (particularly) a stock would provide...incase I took some.

Still haven't gone back to sleep because of that dream...BLECH~~ sick

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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