I remember three dreams.

In the first I had lots of stolen money. I rented a motel room and the other people I was with (i dont know if they stole the money with me or not...i had the impression they did not...anyway they knew it was stolen) were telling me that it was not a good idea but I told them that it was and the money would be well hidden. So I hid the money in different places in the motel room (the motel was a cheap 1 but the room was really big [technically there was many rooms there] and clean) and we all went to an amusement parr.

In the second some people surpised me by bringing me where Michael Schumacher was (or hes the 1 who came where i was...dont really recall) and I freaked out by crying hysterically, he was touched by it and hugged me and that made me more hysterical.

In the last Michael Schumacher came back to Formula One with Ferrari. He started immediately to not only win but also humiliate Fernando Alonso and that worthless big headed cheating moron left not long after the season had started.