Spent less than eleven hours in bed. Had an average night, took a while to fall asleep then woke up twice, I also took a long time to get up (will soon have to get up early every mornings for at least a few months......beginning of july if Rafael Nadal gets to the second week of Wimbledon). I remember just a little of a dream (remembered it while i was thinking of things and relexing before getting up).

I was walking, started in a street then I started seeing paths that went in forests, I almost took the first but I looked at it carefully and thought that it was a private path, then I took one that had people in it (it was autumn...leaves were almost all fallen...if i remember correctly there were none on the ground...or maybe it was just dying forests i was in). Then after walking I was (maybe there was something in between and i just cant remember) renting a big place to myself (looked like an island or just a huge piece of land...there was a house with lots of trees and i was also near water) I had lots of fun exploring and relaxing all by myself.