I remember one dream.

I was in my bedroom in the Saint-Hubert house. I wanted to do some cleaning and I started by cleaning my bedding, I was going to add too much fabric softener and I knew it but I did it anyway then asked my mom how could we take some out. She thought about it and I was close to a panic attack. Her first idea was to just put it on the spin cycle and then start again but I did not want that because it would waste water and I was about to start the machine anyway but she came up with an idea that worked. Then I started cleaning up, I found a lot of childhood items. Then it was time to dry the bedding, the dryer was shelves, there were a lot in two parts of the bedroom. There was also other things on the shelves and I started to put the bedding on the shelves but did not want the things ruined so I took it out but there were so much that it was like never ending so I started to panic again and then when it seemed there were only bedding left I wanted to use one shelf for one thing of the bedding set and I was trying to do that close to a panic attack. Then 50 Cent appeared and slowly it became a video for a new song of his, before that he was explaining his new song. The video was in a bar and there were a female singer in the song played by women he was flirting with. The last woman was ugly and there was closeups from awful angles of her when she was singing to make her more ugly.