I remember two dreams.

I had let the hair around my nipples (i hope this word is not censored too here since a lot of body parts are - it start with nip and ends with ple in case its censored) grow and I was about to take care of that but slowly so that I can get them all including the roots.

I was watching movies of superheroes on television even the ones I had not watched yet but doing it parts by parts or starting to watch when it was already started. My favorites were like in real life the Batman with Christian Bale but these movies were longer and different. In one which was supposed to be the second and with at least a fourth coming up Bane though he had him down but he was either faking or doing it even while extremely injured and he was about to enter without being noticed and get Bane who was extremely surprised by that. Then I was in the movie (i looked like Marion Cotillard) and helping him or I imagined myself being her.