I remember one dream.

An aunt and uncle of mine had two apartments in two towers near each others, one was attacked and destroyed by terrorists using a big plane. They soon divorced but not because of that and it was amicable. They also had not got rid of the other apartment and put her wedding dress in display for their son as a way to show him that their loved was unconditional and even when bad things happened they could get through it. They were in a trial and the judge asked her about it and she started by saying that their reasons were all in an interview she gave to and she said the name of a magazine, I told myself wow she will get screamed at because it was judge Judy but she let explain in full details. I was then outside with mom and I was helping her get some clothes and/or bedding on a clothesline, I was talking and she was mostly ignoring me but when I started talking about them she was completely ignoring me so I then decided that I would ignore her without stopping. I was doing that and writing in a room alone when she came in and I did not stop ignoring her so she started pushing my buttons, after a while of this I started to make sounds to drown what she was doing and she started to do it louder and finally after a while I snapped. I scratched her face and she screamed and held her face where I scratched her then looked at me completely puzzled like she had never did anything bad to me. I started to scream asking why, why both of them hated me so much and she kept looking at me the same way.