LOL. This washer and drying dream can have several meanings for you in particular, Elleise.

One relates to your continuing dreams of politics. Certainly, there is some wish fulfillment going on deep down. Who wouldn't like the political arena to clean up its act?

But then again, the coming "smart" technology will be able to monitor us and our needs. I don't need to set the load size of my new washer. It automatically "senses" how much laundry there is. I just saw a Futurescape episode where everything we own, including our homes, will be able to monitor us, scan our thoughts and emotions, to operate. For example, if one has been drinking too much, the door will lock and display our blood alcohol level. This way, we can't get into our cars to drive while intoxicated.

Yes, there is some fear of the government misusing our technology to spy upon us. Companies do that already to a lesser degree by being able to track our purchases and the sites we view online.

By the way, I get a funny feeling that your husband could have a career in politics. He will be able to move in at the grassroots level, representing some facet of the common worker. Encourage him to speak up to make changes on the local level. You may not like this new direction for him as you will be inundated by the unsavory energies of political people. But your husband can accomplish some good things.

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