I remember one dream.

All the biggest names of the Colorado Avalanche from when they were the best team got themselves all together except for Patrick Roy for a match against another team that were playing now. I was there but sometimes it looked like the arena then it looked like I was in a small arena looking at it via a big screen or I was in a living room, it was always full of people. At one point they announced that Eric Lindros was there and I was pleasantly surprised, when someone interviewed him I realised he was near so I looked behind while still remain sitting in my chair and there he was. I was excited and shy so I was scared he would look my way. By the end I had pity on him because he looked so much older than he was now, I turned around saying that it must be all his bad luck and the cheap shots he received. At one point the other team scored the first goal but it was when two of these players were on the Avs goaltender but the referees said that that goal counted. I seemed to be the only one angry about that besides the team.