I only remember one dream.

I looked out one of my bedroom's window and Toby a Golden Retriever of one of my neighbor was in my yard so I opened the window and called him and he was excited to see me and he jumped (he actually was able to jump right to the window which would be impossible since its too high for a dog to jump to) so I told him to wait and I went out and walked with him, when I came back to his house there was visitors there and they thought it was nice of me to walk him. The next thing I remember is that I, Toby and other people (i think they were not with us...cant recall if i saw them before during or after the accident) were walking in big mountains that had snow, suddendly Toby slipped and fell very deep but somehow when I and the other people (i know that i screamed and they were in front of us when he fell) arrived where he was he was okay.