I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that I was hoping that dad would not be in front of television but he was.

All I remember is that Dinosaurs were in it.

All I remember is that a coal company was working and a man had an idea that they could just shovel themselves and find either a special kind of coal or something else more valuable or a big stack of coals. He was laughed at not by the big bosses but by the workers. Also it would change to an old innocent man doing some time in a prison (i remember him being able to visit his young wife who just had their baby - he was talking about having more and she said that they had time which was stupid because of him being in jail and also old but he stayed nice - i also vaguely remember a big room of the jail with many prisoners in it and 1 looked like Kevin Bacon and he too was also in the coal part) and also sometimes it was me shopping (i was wearing pajamas and looking online and trying to figure out what to wear next and time it with what to do - finally i put on clothes when i was sure we [me and my parents] could go shopping and we did but it was not too long before the stores would close so we had to hurry - i was still thinking about all that). It finished with the man and the shovel by hand idea and he picked up a shovel when the field was empty and started digging, one by one the workers came to help him, at first he looked like Henry Cavill and by the end he was Superman, other people dug in his place by then, there were signs he was right and at one point a huge rock that looked like a bunch of coals together was there so he said to everyone to be careful and he picked it up and when everyone looked at what was under it was nothing. They were all disappointed but they kept digging, Superman tried with his ex-ray to see under the ground but it did not work but he was still sure they would find what he said was there.