I remember two dreams.

I was invited in a very nice place. It was a huge house in the middle of nowhere, to go there there was a small dirt road that had in it's entrance and exit a big gate that took a pin number to open. In the middle of the night something happened and I was able to get away with an old car. I did not remember the pin number to open the gate and since time was not on my side after a few seconds of wondering what the code was I just floored it hoping it will break and it did. A man (Toby Keith) was waiting in like the middle and I knew that and I immediately started screaming at him after getting out of the car to just run as fast as he could, by that time there were a few people behind me that were able to get away. We ended up in a place with scientists and eventhough they did not say it I knew they would kill us after doing tests on us so I was able to get us to be alone in a barn and after finding new clothes I explained to them that we had to get away, only one person decided to do it with me. We put on new clothes and I looked outside. That place was a small town where everyone looked to be brainwashed. A young woman was cutting the grass in circles, when I thought the course was clear we got out then almost immediately started to act like everyone there. We were talking a lot about god and jesus since everyone there was following that religion and I was talking about all the renovations and changes me and my husband had made to the house we had bought there. A lot of people were looking at us weird (especially our faces that were dirty) but we kept on walking normally talking like that.

I had met the Dallas Stars. I was in class talking about it and of course nobody was believing me. During a class I was warned that I had visitors and it was Jamie Benn. I freaked out and everyone was shocked that it was true. He was there to bring me with him. The team's bus was near and all the other players were waiting. I went to get my stuff and followed him. He looked around (the class was on the beach) and said that he could bring something to his house. I was giving him ideas and after walking on a grass field (that was my old Saint-Hubert house) he found something he liked (a small tree but it was covered with spider web and invisible and inside it had lots of bugs that looked dead but were just sleeping) and picked it up. While he was explaining what he would do with it he was shaking it. I said that the bugs were not dead and he said that they were starting to wake up. I was scared and him too so he put it back down and we started to walk towards the bus. On the grass there were many spiders so I started to scream and went next to Benny. He was scared but I was having a panic attack so he picked me up and was walking fast towards the bus.