Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had an awful night (almost immediately after touching the pillow a terrible headache started then it turned into an heartburn and into tooth ache...when the heartburn was 99% gone and the tooth ache 100% gone the headache was less worst but still there so i got up to take some aspirins...i thought i had been in bed for hours and it was barely more than 2....chewed baby aspirins [not called that anymore...its the ones some people take 1 per day...i take 4 when i do take them which is only when im in pain] and then 1/3 of a pretzel then back to bed where i fell asleep and then realised it had been less than 1 hour of sleep then fell asleep and was woken up by the alarm clock....just like when i wake up having to go to the bathroom i usually just wait out the pain when that happens in bed but i could not take it anymore and just wanted to finally sleep). Do not remember my dreams.