I remember four dreams.

I was in a store shopping with dad but we had separated carts. At first I was trying to figure out a way for him to pay my things but then I figured it would be a nice way to practice being on my own. When I was looking at something I saw from afar a woman who is a big celebrity in my province that I hate (Veronique Cloutier), I became enraged but I told myself to not do or/and say anything unless she would be near or engage me personally. I do not remember if she touched me or talked to me or looked at me or something else but I exploded on her when she was near me, I yelled (or talked loudly or both - i may of started with a normal sound of voice) at her why I hated her and probably more things.

I was criticising what people were doing because people were offended over anything. I gave as an example a commercial where they added cushions or something like that on the belly of two kids that a man is touching on the sides.

I was trying to choose a new pillow.

I went on the beach with a Macaw (the ones that are blue and yellow) and some people were amazed and some thought it was too hot for him/her. He/she was on a shoulder and was looking everywhere. A police car came near and I explained to them that it was okay and they let us be, I had a bottle of water with me in case the Macaw was thirsty and he/she was used to going outside even in new places. I showed him/her everything and finished near the water where I went in, there he/she went from my shoulder to my arm. A lot of people were looking at us. Then I saw them put on a big fence because Crocodiles were coming, some were there already and some idiots had gone to see them and had been killed by them so the plan was to kill them and put that fence in the meantime so they would not be where people were. I was angry and then I saw what had happened to a woman who had swam there and had been caught on the fence, they saw her more than three days after and she had survived three days under water with just a simple one piece bathing suit. I could see her while hearing the story and saw how she survived (just remember the last thing that was that there were a glass bottle there and that sometimes she would take the oxygen that was supposedly left in glass bottles that went under water).