I remember two dreams from last night.

The first I was a man in the hospital. A nurse came in with a huge needle and a lot of water in it and said that they had to inject me all of that water (she suggested the head, chest or a part of the male genitals [i have no problem with that word but im not sure if its censored here or not]) and I said that it was crazy because one I just almost drowned and two it was a stupid thing to do. But the nurse kept on saying that it was the only treatment so before she got mad I said okay but can I have a few minutes to relax myself before having this done and she said okay. So she left (the door was left a little opened...a little crazk and i could see that she was not far) and I dressed myself and got out of there but I returned (i did not see myself returning...i saw myself being close to the door then i know i succeeded in leaving but then i was back there) and asked about that crazy treatment, then I was with a doctor (the 1 i saw the last time i went to the hospital) and she explained why that was the normal treatment for almost drowning (i supposedly had some water in the sides of my head and i had to have it removed BUT by then the treatment was to take the water out with a needle right where the water was NOT injecting me with water anywhere).

The second was me winning fifty millions. After freaking out I called Brigitte (a friend of mine...we used to be close) and she answered like she was an answering machine (saying leave me your cell phone number and ill call you back) so I said hey it's me and she wanted to hang up anyway so I reminder her that we don't talk often and she said I know but hey I'm busy so I said okay then and hung up thinking your lost since I'm now rich. Then I decided to spend one year in Dallas and go to every games of the Dallas Stars. I called to get season tickets and asked also for the remaining games of this season and when they realised I was very rich they did it for me. Before I went there I ended up where I used to live and I was walking around a street I used to take when taking the bus and I was on my cell phone talking to noone but I was making lots of hands gestures and talking a lot so that people would really believe I was talking to someone (when i started that i was in the middle of the street which is very busy and almost making accidents by crossing to the side but noone seemed to care). Then I had decided to go there by train then by bus (going from city to city and staying in a motel in between) then I remembered I had won fifty million dollars so I took a private jet. I remember that I did find an appartment in Dallas, the rest I do not remember (i think i woke up then).