I only remember parts of three dreams, I don't even remember the order they were dreamed in so I will just put them in any order.

A teenage boy was being bullied in a party full of teenager. At first they make him believe he was now accepted but he realised that it was not true when they started laughing when he was dancing. The last thing I remember is that he was being molested while everyone else was watching and laughing. I was not there (unless i was that young man).

My dad (who was Denis Leary) came back home when I was sleeping and he was shocked to see that I was naked. The only thing I remember after his complaining about that is that he started molesting me, I woke up but can't remember what happened then.

The last part of a dream that I can recall is that my dad was driving with me in the passenger seat in front. We were driving in a small road next to a sea, the other way was a mountain. There were snow and ice everywhere and my dad was driving fast. Then he decided to drive on the sea for a little while and eventhough there was not ice everywhere and he did drive over melting ice and water we made it back safely and without problem on the road.