I remember two dreams.

A group of scientists were working on something very important in a laboratory that was underground (most looked like the actors in The Lazarus Effect - the main actress was the 1 in charge in the dream - but they were all real scientists). A man was brought to guard the secrets with his life, he asked them that he needed to know the truth to be sure to not talk if he were to be tortured. The main scientists started to tell him what they were working on and almost immediately he opened a stove and put one of his hand above. The scientist was wondering what the hell was going on but she kept talking, the man was hurting but he left his hand there and kept listening. At one point he realised that she was telling the truth so he took his hand away from the stove.

Mutants like X-Men were in this. All I can remember (besides when waking up saying to myself why Fassy was not there!!!) is that two were walking up to the school one night when they sensed they would be attacked soon, they splitted up. One was walking with a bike so he got on it and he thought that he could outrun like that the vehicule after him but I think that he was caught near the gates, the other was caught seconds after he got on his bike.