many great dreams! Instead of giving each an interp (I'm trying to get my symbol dictionaries done!) I'll point you all in the direction of articles I've written about the images that appeared in your dreams:

Toilets are about expressing one's emotions. Toilet Dream Symbol

Freezing. Does your mother feel emotionless? Or does she wish she had more warmth from others? You're trying to help by giving her a sweatshirt which is interesting as it is different from a coat or sweater.

You also have so many celebrity-related dreams that I think I'll write an article about that topic! Thanks!

Clothing. Oops, I don't have an article about clothing either but you just gave me another article idea! LOL. Anyway, clothing represents how you want to feel and the image you want to portray. Interesting that you have the top but can't find the pants! This indicates, to me, that you're working on developing your public image. You're working from the "top" down and you're almost there. Pants=strength, work, leadership (who wears the pants in the family?) Perhaps, you just can't find the courage to get into the right work mode yet ("pull up your pants and get to work.")

Ah, the broker who "broke" her hip but really can get around quite well in secret. There's a bit of deceit related to this woman and the way she moves about in her career.