I remember one dream.

The (i dont know what it is exactly - i know its not a boil - its brown - i did find 2 names of what it could be but i cannot recall those names) under my right arm had changed a lot since I last looked at it which was the previous day so I said to mom that it was time to make an appointment with our doctor to have it checked so that I could get it removed (actually in real life in my crazy province this is how it works - the 1 i have in that place has changed a lot in the last months and i want it removed but have to go through these steps plus theres only 1 dermatologist in my region which is big [by region i do not mean city but really region so cities away from here] so unless it is said by my doctor that this is an emergency it could take years) so I took the phone but could not find the number on the papers near the phone so I told mom and rolling her eyes she told me. I made a mistake when I entered the number so I tried again and I made another mistake so I said to myself wow I probably will still be here trying in an half hour but after a while I could not find the number again and I had a panic attack while mom was treated me like an idiot instead of helping but she finally again with an attitude entered the number for me and I then had trouble explaining why I needed an appointment, the secretary could not understand and I almost screamed that I needed an appointment, I either finally did or I was put in a waiting list. I also remember before all that happening explaining to at least one person how it works here as far as dermatologists goes.