It took me hours to fall asleep and I woke up several times. As for my dreams I only remember one (it came back to me before i got up).

I had signed a paper petition for Wolves, my dad saw it and signed too, my mom came in and saw it and said "Oh they do not ask for a lot of information." and signed it too but after signing it she crossed every information (they were asking for only the first and last name + the city we lived in) except for her first name then did the same thing to my dad's signature and mine too. I became angry and immediately screamed at her (i think the word crazy was in there) and said that she just screwed Wolves because they would never accept a petition like that. She became sad and I took the paper away still very angry. I got a new petition and signed it over again, I then changed my writing two more times to immitate the writings of my parents.