I fell asleep on the couch tonight from about 9pm-11pm. I am surprised at this time that I was able to get into a deep enough sleep to dream.

The first part of the dream I do not remember, except that my sister, a guy, and I were in a house. The guy may have been my brother or a friend of my sister's. I knew him but I don't recognize him at the moment. The house could have been my childhood home but it looked a little different.

We thought we heard something upstairs, like someone was in the house, so we all went upstairs to investigate. I heard quick, heavy breathing coming from one room but when we went inside there was nothing amiss. I walked down the hall to what I think was my own bedroom, at least I think it was because the windows were in the same place as my childhood bedroom and the feel of the room was the same. It was stuffy in there so I went to open a window and bring the screen down for some fresh air (I think I was getting overheated in real life on the couch because I had a blanket on and I woke up on the warm side).

While at the window I looked down. It was dark outside but the light from my room showed that the ocean was just down below, but calm water like being at the sound or in a harbor. There was no sound of waves at all but I knew it was salt water. I could see the tiny bit of sand and small stones at the water's edge.

While bringing the screen down a few creatures were attracted to the light of my room and wanted to get in. The first was a tiny fish, a black molly about an inch long. For some reason it was fine just breathing air but it wiggled around on the floor. I had a heck of a time scooping it up and tossing it out the window. Another creature to make it in was a tiny black bird. I got it out and it tried to fly back in. I had to push at it a few times to keep it out while I managed to get the rest of the screen back down.

One last creature that had made it inside was a slightly larger black bird with a longer tail. It was slim in stature and small like the size of a mouse, and it was a graceful looking little thing. It wound up on the floor and I put my hand down to have it hop right onto my fingers. I was amazed. I got it back down to the floor and sure enough it ran back to me and hopped up when I offered my hand.

I was just going to open the window to release the bird when my sister entered the room. I wanted to show her how the bird kept coming to my hand. I put my hand down to release the bird but it did not want to hop off my hand. I gently pushed on it to get it to the floor and it put up quite a fuss, squalking on the floor and quite obviously upset. I was surprised that it was so beside itself because it had not wanted to leave my hand and I commented to my sister on it. That is where the dream ended.

Lori, I described another dream that was strange to me a few posts back. I'd like your take on that one too, please, when you have a chance. Thank you!

Debbie Grejdus
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