I remember three dreams (it may of been 2 or 1 dream - they were weird like that).

I came out of the shower and I decided to look at my [censored] in a mirror.

The water was crazy. First there were pieces of ice eventhough it was not Winter, some people were saying it was iceburgs. Then there were lots of Birds (mostly Gulls if not all) and they were acting weird. And there were some kind of small tornadoes in the water coming from under. I decided to go kayaking anyway (turned out a canoe). I was able to do it without any problems but I got tired fast.

I was upstairs trying to figure out what to eat and what to watch on television. Everytime I came by a show I thought I had not seen the episode of (Pawn Stars then Chopped) I thought that maybe I had seen so I turned the channel. I had set my mind on one thing (toasts i think) but dad was suggesting me things and I kept saying no (the first was corn in a can and the second soup in a can - all on the table with i think something else at least - i also think he had came back from the grocery store or another errand).