I remember one dream.

I wanted to be alone and when that happened I was about to take off my clothes but I saw Jennifer Lawrence tied up with a rope and gagged. I hated her too in the dream but I also thought to myself that it was insane to let someone I hate without her also being a criminal getting kidnapped so I decided to also help her but when I was about to start untying her I heard the man who did that come back so I hid behind the coach she was on (i only had the time to do that - i was not laying down and so afraid that near he could see me but i was afraid to move in case i would make a sound). He took her, she was screaming and moving and also making movements towards the coach but the man never thought someone was there. When outside I walked like a Dog to a window and called 911, after telling them what was going on I described the car and told them the plate number. He drove off with her in the car (trunk i think).