I remember three dreams.

I do not remember the start or the end. I was moving out, all my possesssions were in plastic bags, none were too heavy, it almost looked like they were empty. I did not really know where I was going, I had found a place to stay. I got in a bus with a pass, I just knew that I had another to take. When I thought it was time I got up and asked if I was close to the number bus I had to take and he said yes so I took the bus pass and put it again where we need to put it to pay then went out. Then I remember walking and going in an alley and finding my place. It looked like a mess but I knew I could arrange it nicely.

All I remember is that I either wanted to clean or I cleaned our new house. My mom was not happy about it I think but I am not sure it was the case in that dream.

All I remember is my dad pushing my buttons.