I remember one dream.

I was with the show MasterChef and I knew about a boy who was orphaned and who was also excellent with cooking. So I went to get him but for some reason they did to every child before it all began douches by putting them at the top of a long tube that was see through then with a long plastic tube water was put into them and when a red thing would end up in their bottom it would be done. When we arrived there I kneeled in front of him and asked him if he knew what a douche was, I also had that long tube and red thing in my hands. I also ended up in that thing and was last after the kids who were able to get through it without screaming and even being in pain but I was in pain and also not comfortable being naked like that. Plus that thing was being controlled with our mind and since that hurt me the red thing will not go on top so it would finally finish. Gordon Ramsay told me to calm myself so that it would be done. It finally ended and I had a hard time walking but the kids even the ones that had it last a long time did not have that trouble.