I remember four dreams.

A man and his friend who had his child with him were outside. Something bad was coming (tornado or something like that) and the childless man knew it was real and serious but he was acting like it was not. When his friend screamed to get out he finally took it serious and went in his car while his friend and child went in theirs. He was driving in front of them slowly. For some reason they ended up in the house of the friend and there he was driving really slow for not damaging the house eventhough he knew they were all in danger and that the house would probably be destroyed anyway. They all got out and the friend was trying to explain to him that he should go faster, when they went outside both of the cars were stolen. The new car of the man was still there along with an old car. The man asked his friend if the old car was drivable and he said yes and the man took that one while the friend and his child took the new one.

I came here to write a dream that was long and hard to explained but the technical issue when our keyboard skips came back when I was at that page. I slowly became enraged then I started to panic, by the end I was hitting myself but I stayed here and I kept on writing wanting to finish but there was no end in sight.

Brigitte moved from Gatineau to Montreal and she called wanting me to go see her which I agree. When I arrived in the south shore I called (or she called me) when I sat on a bus to go to the subway and I told her the directions which I almost all learned by heart. I arrived there after midnight but she had asked me to get some food before, I had thought about some McDonald's but she told me about a Chinese restaurant just a few steps from her building and I said okay. I started by asking for six egg rolls and when I took the menu the man became irritated like I was taking too long. Then I remembered what Brigitte had asked me and I said it and everyone in the restaurant laughed at my way of saying it then I asked for what I wanted and again some laughter but less. I said that it was not nice to laugh because I was not Chinese but I did not want to cause a scene since they were making food I would eat. I said thank you (had said hi when i entered) and then found Brigitte's building. When I was coming up the stairs a woman had her door opened and was watching me. Brigitte was happy to see me and me her but she took the food without hugging me and I laughed saying wow someone is hungry and she said yes that it had been hours since she last ate. We talked while eating.

I was on the computer and I realised that I had won fifty million dollars, the only one with that winning number. I started to scream over and over that I had won and the only one who had won. When I came down a little I said that I wanted to go pick my money now and I almost immediately started to make my plan to get out of here without them ever finding out I was moving and where. My plan also was to left them one million when they would be out with a letter but I was seeing them already planning how to spend that money so I decided not to leave them any money.