I remember two dreams.

I was living with lots of roomates or we had like a common place and then our own apartments. One seemed nice so me and many other people made friend with him. When one woman left he went okay let's go check her things out, me and the others were shocked but we did it.

I was watching television and saw that the Pawn Stars men had a few other shows coming up, I was like oh that looks cool I have to watch it but it did not looked interesting at all. I missed the first episode of one of their shows and ended up watching either the second or the first of another new show of theirs. Then I was in one, it was to look for some things by going by clues and it was in the apartment of the son of the man (not the old man the second old man) but it was so small and narrow. He then started to clean his microwave and this is when I came in, I started to clean it when he was doing something else next to it, there were lots of sauce in there and when I appeared some pasta too, I was cleaning it nicely but a pasta fell and it fell between two things, I said I was sorry and he picked it up angry while I kept on cleaning.