What did you dream last night? Honestly, the one dream I wanted to share just faded away so quickly that now, I cannot recall it. It wasn't anything Earth-shaking but still something I wanted to share with you all to illustrate how our waking life shapes our dreams. Instead, I will share some past dreams that have stayed with me forever.

I used to dream about being adrift at sea and surrounded by sharks. They were recurring dreams, very frightening ones. But here are some possible waking life situations that might have caused me to dream about sharks:

1. I was a little girl in Hawaii where the only serious predators were sharks. After all, we lived on an island surrounded by open ocean--and sharks. We often heard shark stories. Not just myths but also real life news about people getting attacked by sharks. So, this fear of sharks was imprinted upon my young mind.

2. As I grew up, I recall reading the Reader's Digest real life stories and the ones that really scared me as a child was the ones where people were adrift at sea, surrounded by sharks. Those stories terrified me! Have you heard about the worst shark attack in military history? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-worst-shark-attack-in-history-25715092/

So it makes sense that anything potentially threatening to my young and growing mind always appeared as sharks in my dreams.

As an adult, I am no longer fearful of sharks. I've watched a lot of science documentaries about sharks and the nature of sharks, and knowledge is power. I also don't go into the open ocean. Not out of fear but usually seasickness!

Lori Chidori Phillips
Bellaonline Dreams editor
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