I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that my aunt Irene was either there or it was about her.

I was supposed to go walk with two people. I was excited about the walk because it was somewhere I had not walked before but we were supposed to make sandwiched with mustard and pate in cans and that did not excite me at all, when it was my time to do my sandwiches something happened to make me wait and during that time I made up an excuse which worked and they went walking by themselves. I started to eat one of my sandwich that I had made before they left but it was absolutely disgusting (at first i had put way too much pate and then i had taken most off) so I spitted it out and left the sandwiches there. I then thought of the cakes that were made two or three days earlier and I ate one that was really good. The two people came back earlier than expected all out of breath. They saw my sandwiches in a pile uneaten. I then said I would go for a walk and I did.

Celine Dion decided to sing her new song dedicated to her dying husband in a huge ceremony where she was not nominated. She put herself back to the people in the crowd and she sang it, she was doing her best not to cry and she had these signs for the orchestra to either stop playing music or continue while waiting for her to sing later. People were crying more and more as the song went on. The lyrics at the end were so saw (she sang it the loudest she could and it was do not die please do not die).